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Nadhiena Shankar is a proud resident of Downtown Markham and Unionville community in the City of Markham, for which she has called 'home' for over 15 years. Nadhiena is in pursuit of bringing her work in public policy and education in 'putting students first'  in supporting their growth and empowerment into strong, resilient young leaders of tomorrow.

Her work has been grounded in the areas of education, public policy, urban planning, human-centred design, innovation, and strategic foresight. She endeavours to bridge the gap between inaccessible models of education with empathy-based, equity-driven solutions that support students, families, and educators alike. She prides herself in being a lifelong learner and being immersed in process.

Passion-led, Purpose-driven Ethos

Enticed by passion, carries out work with intent, fueled to explore issues through curiosity, with the objective of driving broader change at all scales

Knowledge Translation (KT)
Ability to analyze and synthesize complex texts, data, and information to be translated into workable formats that are accessible to all users


Human Connection

Utilize a human-centric approach to engaging, collaborating, and
connecting with people of all ages and abilities (i.e., understanding people as people with lived experience and stories)


Non-Oppressive Equity Lens

Utilize non-oppressive, equity frameworks in fostering relationship-building, stakeholder engagement, strategic partnerships, knowledge sharing, listening

Design & Systems Thinking

Develop integrated, innovative solutions to complex problems
through iterative processes between learning and action (i.e., messiness, trial-and-error, lessons learned, growth opportunities)



Navigating change, fast learner, flexible, ‘quick-on-my-feet’, agile

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